t.r.a.s.h. – Outside the FLAME Bubble? Not Really

We cannot afford to Rhett Butler our way out of littering with a “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” Hailing from a city in…


Meet Karl Marx: The Hopeless Romantic

“When I return from distant places To that dear home, filled with desire, A spouse holds you in his embraces, And clasps you proudly, Fairest…


The Lens

Harvey Weinstein’s disgraceful downfall seems to have been a tipping point; an inevitable avalanche of sexual harassment allegations has surfaced thereon in the entertainment industry….


Those Punny Moments – December 2017


India – Japan Annual Summit 2017: The Outlines

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and First Lady Akie Abe visited India for the 12th India-Japan Annual Summit held on 14th September 2017, in Gandhinagar….


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Singapore’s first female President in almost fifty years, Ms Halimah Yacob was elected into power for a six-year term. This happened amid controversy because the…


The Montreal Protocol

The briefest of introductions to the only thing every country on the planet has ever agreed on. The year 2017 has seen some iconic 30th birthdays…


Dark is the New Light

It was the first finals’ week of 2016. The first-years had made the library their base camp, trudging back to their rooms only when stationary…


Ivy League? More like Ivy leave-this-college-because-your-humor-is-offensive

Dark humour has always kind of been lurking in the corner, shyly and insidiously and most often, anonymously. However, more recently, it’s alarming popularity appears…


The Ministry of Utmost Happiness: A Book Review

Two details capture the reader’s attention when they pick up a beautiful hardbound copy of the Ministry of Utmost Happiness – one, the cover art,…


Purity? Politics. Poetry.

Most people define poetry as “pure self-expression”. I tend to raise an eyebrow not in judgment, but in wonder. Is poetry really as “pure”, “untouched”…


Ruminating Relationships

Bollywood often speaks about relationships on celluloid and banks on the relatability quotient of the same. These films may not be eventful, or hair-raising. Rather,…