Reviewing the Riot Grrrl Collection: Feminist Movement from the 90s

“Riot Grrrl is the gateway drug that girls use to find feminist history.” —Kathleen Hanna, musician Riot Grrrl was an underground feminist punk rock movement that…


Should We Wait Until We’ve Had Enough?

“We had no other choice.” Shalini Kumar, a student at Benaras Hindu University and one of the many women involved in the protests, did not have…


Pissing on Art

It was no insignificant moment in the history of art when the Society of Independent Artists received a work titled Fountain and signed R. Mutt,…


The Lens

Harvey Weinstein’s disgraceful downfall seems to have been a tipping point; an inevitable avalanche of sexual harassment allegations has surfaced thereon in the entertainment industry….


India – Japan Annual Summit 2017: The Outlines

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and First Lady Akie Abe visited India for the 12th India-Japan Annual Summit held on 14th September 2017, in Gandhinagar….


One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Singapore’s first female President in almost fifty years, Ms Halimah Yacob was elected into power for a six-year term. This happened amid controversy because the…


Tickets to Bollywood

It is every child’s dream at some point to be in a movie scene. Many even harbour intentions of becoming actors and some go through…


Decreasing human attention spans: fake news?

And why a long article like this one won’t hold your attention beyond the first few lines. Before you get distracted by the buzz of notifications…


Caste and the City

“If you are not considered human, human rights do not apply to you” – Hanns Heinrich Schumacher, German Ambassadorr at the International Network for Dalit Solidarity. A…


Why Sartre Matters

”It’s like this,” Garcin says, forming the question as a statement. ”It’s like this,” the bellhop answers in a bored tone. (No Exit, 1943) The “it”…