The Montreal Protocol

The briefest of introductions to the only thing every country on the planet has ever agreed on. The year 2017 has seen some iconic 30th birthdays…


Dark is the New Light

It was the first finals’ week of 2016. The first-years had made the library their base camp, trudging back to their rooms only when stationary…


Ivy League? More like Ivy leave-this-college-because-your-humor-is-offensive

Dark humour has always kind of been lurking in the corner, shyly and insidiously and most often, anonymously. However, more recently, it’s alarming popularity appears…


The Ministry of Utmost Happiness: A Book Review

Two details capture the reader’s attention when they pick up a beautiful hardbound copy of the Ministry of Utmost Happiness – one, the cover art,…


Purity? Politics. Poetry.

Most people define poetry as “pure self-expression”. I tend to raise an eyebrow not in judgment, but in wonder. Is poetry really as “pure”, “untouched”…


Ruminating Relationships

Bollywood often speaks about relationships on celluloid and banks on the relatability quotient of the same. These films may not be eventful, or hair-raising. Rather,…


Tickets to Bollywood

It is every child’s dream at some point to be in a movie scene. Many even harbour intentions of becoming actors and some go through…


Big data and weather forecasts: could we all contribute to the global weather database?

Originally written as a paper for the course Global Economy and Public Policy at FLAME University. Weather affects more than a third of the world’s…


Those Punny Moments


Decreasing human attention spans: fake news?

And why a long article like this one won’t hold your attention beyond the first few lines. Before you get distracted by the buzz of notifications…